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Gain & Maintain the Healthy Lifestyle you Deserve

Inspiring * Supporting * Encouraging  people in our communities to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle requires more than just getting out and running or walking. We help our communities by providing excellent access to:

  • Nutritional education and guidance.
  • Strength training and flexibility
  • Walk/Run training programs

Run2LIVE, Inc. a national running organization created the Healthy Lifestyle University (HLU) to help our communities gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  HLU is one of the ways that Run2LIVE is working to fulfill our mission of “Inspiring * Supporting & Encouraging men and women to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Our focus has always been to educate and assist both the running and nonrunning community on what it takes to live healthy and the HLU is an extension of our educational efforts.

What to expect from the HLU:

  • Real scientific information on nutrition, exercise, and managing stress.
  • World class successfully proven programs on nutrition coaching.
  • Personalized exercise programs in weight training, biking, running and walking
  • Accurate reports, eBooks on subjects that are vital for your health
  • A community of people like you focused on gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

3 Steps to Your Success


“I have always gotten a thrill, a kick, from learning new things.” –  Cynthia Kenyon.

In a world where so many people know more about how their cell phones work than how their bodies work we decided to make learning fun, easy, immersive and at your own pace at HLU. Our course information is delivered through:

  • Web video
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • eBooks
  • Web pages

You choose the learning style that is best for you to guarantee your success.  You can view our content on your computer, tablet or phone which means you can learn anywhere and at any time you choose.


Knowledge isn’t life-changing. The application of knowledge is.”  ― Todd Stocker. We’re here to assist you with implementing strategies to get you to your health and wellness goals. We start by doing the following:

  • Collect your preliminary nutritional and fitness information
  • Analyze your information
  • Set your goals and monitor results
  • Make adjustments as needed
  • Provide continuing education and support

We keep you motivated and on track with daily information, motivational quotes and interaction so you don’t feel alone on your journey.


“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”  – Emile Coue.

Reaching your weight management goals is the 1st step to success, however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle a day, a month a year from now is the true measure of success and that’s where we excel. Every day brings new challenges that will test you, new stresses that will attack you and yet those are new opportunities for you to choose to eat properly, exercise and meditate when needed.

Once you’ve finished your courses you can always come back to the HLU website and review any information you desire. Our Facebook Group is always open to you to ask questions, post your concerns and celebrate your triumphs.  Our community will always be there to assist you.


What's Happening at the HLU

Drink more water challenge
7 Day Drink More Water Challenge

Start a 7 Day Drink More Water Challenge at any time. Get daily info on the importance of drinking water and ways you can add more water to your daily intake.

I'm B.A.D. Battling Against Diabetes

I’m Battling Against Diabetes “I’m B.A.D.” is our program to assist our communities with fighting against diabetes and it’s many complications. When you join the I’m B.A.D. family you’re taking a powerful step against diabetes and we will be taking those steps with you. Start today and get your I’m B.A.D. certificate.

Buddies Delma and Olivia
Grab a buddy and blast some goals

Grab a Buddy and Enter the 30 Day Buddy Challenge

Healthy Lifestyle University (HLU) is launching our first-ever “BUDDY CHALLENGE!

The challenge runs for 30 days.  You and your buddy choose your overall goal and your process goals to help you reach your desired outcome.

Join I'm B.A.D. (I'm Battling Against Diabetes)

Join the fight against Diabetes, Obesity, stroke, heart attack and the rest of the preventable diseases by becoming an “I’m B.A.D.” member.
I’m Battling Against Diabetes is our FREE program to assist our neighborhoods with gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through education and making active lifestyle changes.

Join I'm B.A.D. Now
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