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It is possible to reverse several poor health conditions by changing what you eat. If you eat too many processed foods, those food items which generally are packaged in a box, can or bag, you can become overweight or obese. Eating fewer of those foods, or none, and instead enjoying healthy and delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds can reverse your overweight or obese condition and return you to health. The same is true about diabetes and diet. It has been proven time and again that making simple daily changes to the foods you eat and the liquids you drink can be more powerful than medication for reversing diabetes.

This is probably because a poor diet is one of the leading causes of adding extra body weight, and bringing on type 2 diabetes in the first place. If you eat improperly, you have a greater chance of being overweight or obese than if you enjoy a smart approach to nutrition. What is consistently regarded as the leading cause of diabetes? Being overweight is the #1 factor cited as responsible for developing diabetes. Simple logic shows that if an unhealthy diet is the biggest reason people develop a weight problem, and a weight problem is the most common cause of diabetes, then making a reversal from your poor diet can reverse diabetes as well.

How Bad Food Turns into Diabetes

The website tells us that a diet high in calories and an excess of simple, refined carbohydrates is commonly seen in type 2 diabetes diagnoses. When too many calories and simple carbohydrates are consumed, insulin levels in your body rise. This happens in order for the insulin to try and handle the fast-acting carbohydrates and high levels of calories you just ate. When this occurs on a consistent basis, you begin to gain weight around your belly and midsection. This happens because simple carbohydrates with little fiber and nutrition are absorbed extremely quickly into your bloodstream. They turn into glucose rapidly, and your body stores this glucose as fat for use as energy later. Unfortunately, if you keep eating this type of diet, later never comes. Your body stores and stores, but uses little, as energy requirements rarely exceed the supply.

You are always giving your body too many simple carbohydrates to deal with, so your insulin is always playing catch-up. Eventually, you damage your cells’ ability to respond to insulin properly. This leads to even more weight gain, high blood sugar levels, and often a diagnosis of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. An unfortunate side effect of elevated levels of insulin is increased hunger and lower energy levels. You end up overeating and are even more tired and fatigued than before, so you don’t feel like experiencing much physical activity. Frequent and regular physical activity is a top recommendation, along with a smart diet, for preventing and reversing diabetes.

The opposite can happen as well.

When you eat the right foods, and avoid the wrong ones, you can prevent or reverse diabetes. Health experts frequently point out that diet in many cases works better than medication for curing diabetes. Start preparing your own meals. Eat more fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Avoid processed food. Stop eating out as much. Understand where every piece of food comes from and how it was prepared before you put it into your body. Drastically limit the amount of unhealthy refined sugar, white flour and salt that winds up inside of you. Drink lots of water every day. Get lots of rest. Add frequent exercise, and a smart, healthy diet plan cannot only reverse your diabetes diagnosis, it can also lead to other health benefits.

Examples of the changes I made to my nutrition

I began my nutritional journey to fight back against diabetes by logging everything I ate in a food journal.  It was just a spiral notebook where I entered the date, meal and what I ate. I listed everything I put in my mouth and after a couple of days, I was shocked.  I ate close to the same amount of daily calories as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and I wasn’t doing a 10th of his daily workout to burn that amount of calories. I realized that I had a two-part problem I ate too much-processed foods and my portions were too big. Once I really saw what I was eating and how much of it I was eating then I was able to put together a diet plan that replaced many of the processed foods with natural alternatives.

Over months our kitchen cupboards began to transform from shelves of canned corn beef hash and chili, boxes of Goya rice, Entenman’s/Hostess or Tastycake cakes and pies and of course those crack infused Oreo cookies to healthier snacks and no cakes and pies. My refrigerator was now stocked with fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables. I started making smoothies and roasting vegetables and snacking on nuts and fruits.

We stopped buying soda, bought a soda stream instead and after a few months stopped using that as well.  I quit buying Edys and Breyers ice cream to buying a cup of frozen yogurt every now and then.  Within 6-7 months my A1C had dropped from 7.1 to 6.6 and by 2014 it was below 6.

We made this video to give you healthy options for eating better.  There is no one diet or lifestyle eating habit that is better for diabetes over another.  Since we all are different and respond to foods differently it’s always best for you to experiment with foods to see which you like and which ones do not have an adverse effect on you. Also, have a discussion with a Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapist before you make changes to your eating habits.

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